CNC Machinist

Company: Besser

Department: Manufacturing

Location: Alpena, Michigan
Posted: 4/25/2017

Job Description

Works under the general supervision of Foreman or Leader.  Must setup, adjust, check out programming and operate CNC machine tools to perform a series of progressive machining operations to close and exacting tolerances and finish specifications.  Requires considerable skill and knowledge of machining techniques and methods and thorough knowledge with numerical control machine tool operational procedures.  Works from programming manuscripts, routing sheets, blueprints, and setup instructions defining and coding tool arrangements, fixturing, material clamping methods, machine calibration and console settings for operations such as boring, milling, drilling, turning, tapping, facing and profiling.  Must arrange, mount and secure tooling in the machine tool changer; mount, align, and secure holding fixture or locate, support and clamp workpiece in absence of holding fixtures; set stops, indicate fixture or workpiece to material reference point.  Download program and correlate machine position with control.  Manually cycles machine through operation sequence to check fixture and workpiece alignment, tooling sequences, clearances, speeds, feeds, etc, and adjust machine to correct any deviations from program specifications.  Uses micrometers, scale, protractor, verniers, surface gages, indicators and shadowgraphs to make setups and check work.  Reports variations in program and operational sequences, tool settings, dimensional and finish deviations and recommends corrective adjustments within prescribed limits.  Inspects work as required.  Uses hoist and various hand tools to perform work properly.

Job Functions

Must set up and operate CNC machine in accordance with operation sheets, programs, blueprints and setup sheets.  Some precision locations and sizes involving measurements form center of work, milled dimensions and hole sizes.  Uses micrometers, verniers, depth gages, dial indicators, etc. to make setups and check work.

Follows standard practices, using setup and operation sheets, program manuscripts, and blueprints.  Work requires care.  Must thoroughly understand machine operating procedures in performance of job.  Unusual problems referred to Foreman or Leader.  Checks first piece run with subsequent production subject to inspection by inspector.


Prior experience with CNC machines or equivalent training, blueprint reading, use of measuring devices and shop mathematics.  Minimum of six months of job experience required.

Work Environment

Exposure to chips/shavings from machining process, coolant and noise.

How to Apply

Do you think you’d make an excellent fit for Besser Company?  Please forward your resume to:

Besser Company World Headquarters
Attn: Janet Behnke, Corporate Human Resources Director
801 Johnson Street
Alpena, MI 49707 USA
Fax +1.989.354.1089