Process Engineer

Company: Besser

Department: Processing

Location: Alpena, Michigan
Posted: 8/17/2017

Job Description

Writes, develops, and improves new or existing manufacturing processes for various products.  Has internal contacts with Engineering, CNC Programming, and Manufacturing department personnel regarding ideas, drawings, designs, CNC programs and fixturing.

Job Functions

  1. Originates and/or develops manufacturing processes for various parts and assemblies.  
  2. Processes may include the adaptation of existing fixture designs to existing or new products and the specification of tooling and CNC equipment for a particular job.
  3. Utilize business system to enter/edit operations.
  4. Query business system for design and process information.
  5. Use e-mail to communicate with staff & vendors.


  1. Associate's degree CNC Programming or experience with Programming.
  2. Successfully passed Besser Programming test.
  3. Some drafting ability to draft setup sheets for shop.
  4. Individual must be familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes, materials selection, tooling selection, fixturing, and general shop practices.
  5. Individual should be familiar with or have the ability to use office equipment, such as fax machines, and copy machines.
  6. Individual should be familiar with or have the ability to use a business system.
  7. Individual should have some phone skills.
  8. Individual should have some keyboarding skills.
  9. Individual should be familiar with or have the ability to use an e-mail system, word processors, spreadsheet software, and the Internet.

How to Apply

Do you think you’d make an excellent fit for Besser Company?  Please forward your resume to:

Besser Company World Headquarters
Attn: Janet Behnke, Corporate Human Resources Director
801 Johnson Street
Alpena, MI 49707 USA
Fax +1.989.354.1089