The Bescopac® is an entry level three-at-a-time machine will produce quality concrete products in a small footprint. With production rates up to seven cycles per minute this machine provides excellent value.


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

The Bescopac® is a concrete products machine that produces three units (eight inch or 200 mm equivalents) at-a-time. A Bescopac can produce architectural, landscape and standard concrete masonry products in a wide variety of styles and colors.

A Bescopac is the perfect concrete products machine for your facility, if you are starting a new concrete products business, want to achieve high production efficiency in a limited space, want an economical machine and demand the highest standards, and/or want to add production capacity at a reasonable cost.

A Bescopac can be installed almost anywhere because it requires less floor space than other three-at-a-time machines. This concrete products machine can be set up with either a right or a left side pallet feeder. Additionally, most two or three-at-a-time molds as well as conventional pallets, feed and delivery systems and accessories can be used with the Bescopac. Electrical hookups are simplified to make installation easy and economical.


Warner Brakes

A fail-safe feature engages the brake in the event of a power failure. The brake is totally enclosed to remain protected from the plant environment which results in less maintenance and greater life expectancy. 

Pallet Scraper

Material build-up on pallets is automatically removed during each machine cycle by the pallet scraper. The tension forcing the scraper blade down on the pallet is fully adjustable to meet specific cleaning needs. Mounted on the pallet indexer, the pallet scraper is readily accessible for routine maintenance. 

Mold Locks

After the mold is placed into the concrete products machine, the mold is manually locked in place. 

Optional Enhancements

Allen-Bradley SLC500TM Control Panel with Color Graphics Display

Many of the operating functions of the Bescopac can be easily adjusted by accessing the SLC500 through the color graphics display unit. This control panel: automatically pinpoints problems and displays information for making corrections fast, and improves quality control.

Core Puller

The use of a core puller expands the variety of concrete products that can be produced on a concrete products machine. Many of the complex concrete masonry unit designs which are popular today feature horizontal openings that have been formed by a core puller. The horizontal openings can be in various shapes. The number of shapes that can be made with the core puller are virtually limitless.

Bescostop Oil Shear Brake System

A Bescostop oil shear brake system is used on the vibrators to provide quick, smooth starts and stops.