BiDi Concrete Pipe Machine

BiDi® A-Series machines combine advanced pipemaking technology with the time-tested Bidirectional Rollerhead System to produce pipe with excellent wire-to-concrete bond, improved compaction and superior appearance.


  • Pipe
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Precast

Besser developed the A (Advantage) Series of Bidirectional BiDi concrete pipe machines with producers in mind. A unique frame design permits multiple material feed options. User-friendly component design allows easy access for service, routine maintenance and rapid changeover of attachments. Cleanup time is reduced because there is less material spillage. A steel pit foundation shell reduces installation time so the machine gets into production sooner. All this means Advantage machines will spend more of each production day doing what they do best - making high quality concrete pipe.

Advantage machines combine advanced pipe-making technology with the time-tested Bidirectional Rollerhead System to produce pipe with excellent wire-to-concrete bond, improved compaction and superior appearance. High production Advantage machines manufacture pipe in uniform lengths with precise joint detail and quality inside and outside finish. Reinforcing cage twist problems are eliminated, leading to higher product strengths.

BiDi Advantage machines are available in four models:

  • A-36 machine to produce concrete pipe diameters 8” – 36” (200 mm – 900 mm) in maximum lengths of 8’ (2.5 m) or 10’ (3 m)
  • A-48 machine for diameters 8” – 48” ( 200 mm – 1200 mm) in maximum lengths of 8’ or 12‘ (2.5 m or 3.5 m)
  • A-60 machine for diameters 12” – 60” (300 mm – 1500 mm) in maximum lengths of 8’ (2.5 m) or 12’ (3.5 m)
  • A-84 machine for diameters 18” – 84” (450 mm – 2100 mm) in maximum lengths of 8’ (2.5 m) or 12’ (3.5 m) 
  • Other machine lengths available upon request


Bidirectional Rollerhead Drive System

The Bidirectional rollerhead drive system includes two independent hydrostatic transmission drives for powering the rollerhead and longbottom. The system is comprised of two main components - a crosshead drive unit and a separate crosshead power unit. The crosshead power unit is mounted on the machine frame at conveyor level to provide efficient power transfer to the crosshead and easy access for service and maintenance. A power unit shroud dampens noise. The machine can be supplied to accept either quick-change BiDi rollerheads or conventional flange-mount heads. 

Holding Hopper and Conveyor

The holding hopper capacity is based on machine size, and the hopper features rounded corners to prevent material buildup. An optional liner is available to improve material flow, facilitate cleanup and extend hopper life. The conveyor is hydraulically driven with belt support rollers factory-sealed and lubricated for maintenance-free operation. The conveyor assembly is mounted on rollers and is hydraulically positioned by the machine supervisor for optimum material feed onto the rollerhead. A seamless-type conveyor belt with molded edging prevents material spillage. 

Turntable Assembly

The round turntable features tapered support rollers on the perimeter and a center roller assembly for centering and support. The table is either two piece or four piece, depending on the machine model, and includes pipe-making stations with accurately located cutouts for drop-in bottom centering plates for quick changeover of attachments. The turntable is positively driven by an electric gear motor. A deck plate covers the area between the turntable and the plant floor to facilitate cleanup. 

Self-Cleaning Top Table

The self-cleaning top table has a fully machined bottom surface and captive fasteners for quick and accurate attachment of top centering plates, tongue formers and O-ring groovers. Self-cleaner blades rotate automatically within the top table to prevent material accumulation. The top table stroke can accommodate varying mold lengths down to 1’ (0.3 m) with alternating lengths handled automatically. Accurate pipe lengths are produced with the mold length determining the pipe length. 

Bell Packer Assembly

The bell packer assembly utilizes a self-cleaning top vibrating plate with a vertical impact hydraulic vibrator to provide efficient pallet/bell vibration. An electric vibrator is also available. The plate is mounted on rubber isolators and incorporates attachment points to accommodate quick-change turning and vibrating standards. During attachment changeover, the turning and vibrating standard is placed in notches on the vibrator plate, then simply rotated and clamped into position. Besides saving time and labor, this entire process is accomplished from floor level with no need to enter the machine pit.

Changeover Table

Each BiDi Advantage machine is equipped with a changeover table for supporting the rollerhead assembly and either the oscillating tongue former assembly or the top centering ring during changeover, maintenance and cleanup. 

Optional Enhancements

Machine Control

Machine control can be either manual, the Auto-Pack Plus feed conveyor drive control system, or the Vision 3 system for completely automated operation. Machine adjustments are made using a color touch screen interface in the freestanding console. The console also houses a flat panel color video monitor that allows the machine supervisor to view manufacturing through any of three different closed circuit television cameras. 

Pit Foundation Shell

A steel pit foundation shell is available to reduce custom formwork and installation expense. The shell forms all pit walls up to plant floor level and the fabricated steel panels become an integral part of the foundation after the concrete is poured. Mounting pads for major components including the machine frame and bell packer assembly are included, and various pit access configurations are available. 

Oscillating Tongue Former Mechanism

This mechanism operates oscillating tongue former assemblies for production of such joints as mortar, roll-in or profile gasket. The option includes a solenoid valve, cylinder and controls. 

Various Voltage Options

Various Starter Options

Automatic Lube System