Block Buster

The Block Buster is engineered to alleviate the difficult and costly disposal of concrete products.


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

The Block Buster is designed to quickly and easily reduce green concrete products, including block, pavers, retaining wall caps and pie wedges, into aggregate for reclamation.  By breaking units with counter rotating shafts equipped with hardened breaker fingers, the Block Buster reclaims previously formed concrete and transforms it into a reusable or easily disposed material. The Block Buster is manufactured using heavy-duty steel and outfitted with heavy-duty components for dependable, cost-effective service. The Block Buster is supported by a network of sales and technical service representatives and parts warehouses throughout the world.


Easy to Operate

Simple operation.

Heavy-Duty Channel

Heavy-duty channel frame construction with fork pockets.

Steel Hopper Assembly

5' x 5' skid mounted 1/4" steel hopper assembly.

Breaker Unit

19" breaker unit.


20 hp motor with gear reducer.

Roller Bearings

Heavy-duty roller bearings.

Steel Screen

1/4" steel screen with 5/16" perforations.

Crushing Fingers

Hardened crushing fingers can be reconditioned using hardened welding rod and reapplying hard surfacing.

Belt Conveyor

15' x 24" steel frame belt conveyor.