Base/Riser Form

The Base/Riser Forms are capable of producing either monolithic base sections or riser sections with either tongue and groove or flat joints.


  • Precast
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe

The full line of Besser heavy-duty, durable wet cast form equipment includes features you need to profitably pour quality products. At Besser, our goal is to help you make a properly performing product that satisfies the end user. The entire Besser team works with you to ensure that the new formwork you select is compatible with your existing equipment and will provide optimum performance.

Forms are backed by knowledge of your local forming requirements and records of your plant’s past purchases. Additionally, Besser staff works with you to make sure that base down form designs meet individual state specifications. All Besser wet cast forms, whether custom or standard, are designed with safety in mind.

The Base/Riser Forms are capable of producing either monolithic base sections or riser sections with either tongue and groove or flat joints. Only two joint rings are necessary because you can utilize the tongue ring for producing both bases and risers. This feature saves money by eliminating the need for the third ring, called the tongue pallet, which was required when the base needed to be rolled over for stripping. 


Form Sets

Base/Riser Form Sets are available for product sizes 72 – 144" in diameter, in your choice of heights. Rugged, durable form sets are built from heavy steel plate with channel rib reinforcing for years of reliable service. Components are precisely engineered to fit into your operation. Various types of vibration may be utilized on the equipment sets, depending on your needs or job requirements.

A variety of product heights can be made by simply raising either the groove forming pallet for the riser or the lower Base Plate for the Base. Another feature of this form is that lifting devices can be cast into the base of the product where the greatest strength exists. Since the heaviest lift is the product itself cranes with lower capacities can be used. 


The jacket (outer form) design may be either one-piece, two-piece, with or without work platforms. All jackets are equipped with easy-to-operate adjustable locks to simplify the use of the jacket and ensure production of the highest quality end product. By clamping the jacket around both the lower base plate and tongue forming header the jacket is rounded with every pour.

Access ladders and platforms can be located on the jacket and/or in the core for easy removal of step pins. 


Cores (inner forms) are constructed from heavy steel plate for long life, and use the industry tested core collapsing device for easy stripping from the cured concrete.

Access ladders and platforms can be located in the core and/or on the jacket for pouring and stripping safety. 


Besser provides a complete diameter range of tongue and groove joint pallets and headers, steel fabricated pallets and headers and heads and grate seat pallets and headers to meet your production requirements. 

Optional Equipment

Besser also supplies jacket and core accessories such as lift hole plugs, step pins, vibrator mounts, work platforms and knockout panels upon request.