Core Puller

The use of a core puller expands the variety of concrete masonry units which can be produced on a concrete products machine.


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

Expand your product line using this air-operated core puller. Many of the complex concrete masonry units available on the market today feature horizontal openings that have been formed by this concrete products machine attachment. The shapes that can be made with a core puller are virtually limitless. Some examples are:

  • cored brick, fabricated on edge with a wormed face, bark face or thumbprint face
  • any type of concrete unit with side fake mortar grooves
  • various retaining wall units with bottom key
  • protrusion in water and erosion control block
  • any type of unit with bottom key to match top edge key

Core pullers are comprised of a drawer, which is activated by twin pneumatic cylinders to which the tools (forming cores or "forks") required to form the horizontal cores are attached. The core puller is equipped with a ball bearing guide way system for reliable horizontal movement. The forming forks are mounted on spring pads in order to minimize transmission of vibration to the core puller mechanism. The shape and number of forks can vary according to the design of the mold. Operating cycle is approximately one second under 100 psi (7 bar) of air pressure.

Available in different sizes and strokes, the core puller can be engineered to fit any pallet size and most concrete products machines.