Custom Wet Cast Forms

Custom wet cast forms are a Besser specialty.


  • Precast
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe

Custom wet cast forms are a Besser specialty. When your job calls for a unique product size or shape, or if particular state specifications must be met, count on Besser to make a precision form to satisfy your need. From engineering through manufacturing, staff at Besser work with you to ensure new formwork fits with your existing equipment for complete compatibility and optimum performance. 

Besser custom forms will produce a virtually unlimited list of products including:

• Arch pipe
• Artificial reefs
• Curb tops and inlets
• Feed bunks
• Jacking pipe
• Leaching pipe
• Light pole bases
• Manhole products
• Median barriers
• Meter boxes
• Pipe
• Safety end treatment sections
• Septic tanks—round or square, one or two compartment
• Storm shelters
• Switchgear pads
• Tees and elbows
• Water tanks

All Besser wet cast forms, whether custom or standard, are backed by knowledge of your local forming requirements and records of your plant’s past purchases, aimed at helping you make a properly performing product to satisfy the end user.


Precision Form Sets

Form sets are available for virtually any size or shape product you need to make. Heavy steel plate is used for years of durable, dependable service, and time-tested standard features are incorporated into the equipment for ease of operation and reliability. The result is rugged, precision forming equipment built for consistent and accurate performance no matter how many times it is poured. A complete range of pallet and header sizes and joint designs can be provided to meet any specification.