D-Load Concrete Pipe Tester

Concrete pipe testers improve your factory’s quality control by making D-Load testing easy, fast, and accurate. 


  • Pipe
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Precast

Concrete pipe testers improve your factory’s quality control by making D-Load testing easy, fast, and accurate. Rugged, durable testers from Besser Company utilize hydraulic lift and automatic pin positioning for ease of operation with a digital display for precise readout, meeting ASTM C-655 Reinforced Concrete D-Load Test.

Accuracy is essential when testing pipe. The weatherproof console on the Besser D-Load tester houses a precision pressure transducer along with an easy-to-read digital display.

With maximum-pressure-regulated circuit, uniform pressure can be maintained in repeated testing. A test-pressure throttle is provided for accurate test-time-to-rate-of-rise force. The digital display is located so the operator/inspector can view it while watching the cracks develop during testing, thus assuring an exact reading at the time of breakage.

Speed is also important in pipe testing. With a labor-saving Besser tester, your pipe can be checked and certified quickly, without losing valuable production time, without loading up the yard with staging pipe, and without occupying an inspector for long periods of time.

This speed is possible because most of the work is accomplished with hydraulics. Hydraulics moves the loading beam up and down and also positions the loading beam pins in and out. When the optional hydraulic roll positioner is added to the tester, pipe can be quickly lifted, centered, and rotated to the proper position for breaking or coring, and loaded or unloaded - all through hydraulics.

Optional Enhancements

Hydraulic Roll Positioner

Reduces the amount of time spent by plant personnel to position and roll pipe for testing.

Loading Rail

For loading staging pipe and rolling into position on the tester.