Easy Blend Batching System

The Easy Blend Batching System is designed to meet the needs of your unique concrete products operation.

The Easy Blend Batching System is designed to meet the needs of your unique concrete products operation. The system can be configured to support two mixers and machines. Material transfer timing and control logic are easily
customized to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your plant. 

The Easy Blend Batching System automatically controls many plant functions such as weighing desired materials and charging the mixer. The system interacts with the batch plant by directing and monitoring plant operations. Easy Blend automatically weighs the programmed quantity of material on the plant’s scales and charges the mixer with those materials in the programmed mix sequence. Auxiliary devices such as conveyors, hoppers and dispensers are also controlled and monitored by the system. The Easy Blend Batching System uses both analog and digital inputs/outputs to control and monitor the batch plant operation.


  • Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05™ processor with VersaView™ touchscreen operator interface.
  • Analog and digital inputs/outputs.
  • Material level sensing device.
  • Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allows easy modification and customization, supporting virtually any plant configuration quickly and easily. The PLC is programmed using industry standard ladder logic, allowing easy maintenance by plant personnel.

The system controls are housed in a NEMA12 dust tight enclosure. A line filter eliminates electrical spikes and surges from incoming power. All input points are optically isolated through the input card and each individual output has a circuit breaker or a fuse for maximum protection. Signals to and from the plant can be monitored on the inputs/outputs status screen.



  • Width: 4' (1220 mm)
  • Height: 6' (1800 mm)
  • Depth: 1' (300 mm)
  • Weight: 350 lbs (160 kg)


  • 120 V., single phase, 50 – 60 Hertz (other voltages available)



Automatic control of up to 6 aggregates, 4 cements, 4 admixes and 2 color dispensers.

Mix Recipes

Up to 48 mix recipe sequences can be preprogrammed into the system. The operator selects the order that materials enter the mixer.

Batch Recipe Storage

Storage of up to 200 alphanumeric batch recipes. Each recipe contains the weight of each material to be used.

Full Color Screen

A full color screen provides quick and easy viewing of plant status and conditions. All information needed by the operator is easily accessible.

Simple Operator Interface

A simple operator interface allows an untrained operator to begin producing in minutes. Typing skills are not required since all interactions are through preprogrammed touchscreen function keys located on the Allen-Bradley PanelView™ Plus.


Function keys are used to perform manual operations and to aid with maintenance.


The operator can access all screens and enter information without interrupting the production cycle. Accuracy and speed are maintained regardless of activity being performed.


The set-up screen for selecting each system configuration can be protected by a password. A user must login to access the protected screens. This prevents unauthorized access to the system.


Alarms are built into the system to alert the operator of certain conditions. When there is a fault, the  equipment will stop operating and the screen will indicate the fault location and a possible solution.


Reports are generated based on material usage. These reports can be viewed or printed. Management can use this information as a tool to control cost and keep track of plant efficiency.


A modem is provided for remote support by Besser Techical Service staff.

Optional Enhancements

Remote Control

A remote hand control station.

Scale Interface

A scale readout interface for up to 6 load cells.

Moisture Control

A moisture probe mounted in the aggregate bin can be used to determine aggregate moisture compensation. Information from the probe is communicated to the batching controls. This allows the aggregate weight to be automatically adjusted which will keep aggregate to cement ratios consistent from batch to batch.

The system can use the easy mix moisture sensing system or can interface with most moisture control meters such as LeSueur® or Hydronix®.

Material Blending

Dual mixer control for blending of materials.