Founders Spray Machine

The Founders Spray Machine will add a unique blend of colors and patterns to the face of concrete products. Creating these “value-added” products allows you to tap into new markets and increase profitability. 


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

The Founders Spray machine sprays a liquid pigment mixture onto selected surfaces of the mold inside the concrete products machine. As the mold fills and strips, the pigment is transferred from the surface of the mold to the face of the concrete products to produce a unique, variegated color pattern.

This machine can spray onto integrally colored or uncolored units with smooth or textured faces. The Founders Spray Machine can be programmed to store up to 10 different spray combinations. Up to three different colors of pigment can be sprayed during each combination. A limit switch activates the spray.

When the production run is complete, unused pigment can be drained from the bottom of the tanks to allow the tanks to be rinsed with water. All lines and nozzles are easily cleaned with water while the Founders Spray Machine is in the manual mode.