Masonry Aging System

Cost-effectively expand your product line by creating unique unit faces and backs and age segmental retaining wall units, architectural units, and standard block in a wide range of sizes. 


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

The inline Masonry Aging System (MAS) automatically gives the face and/or the back of a concrete masonry unit or segmental retaining wall unit an aged appearance. Aging is totally random and adjustable. A variety of aged looks can be created that will appeal to your marketplace. Three machine operations can be easily changed to create the different looks. The speeds of the impactor heads, the rotation speeds of the clamps and the amount of time the unit is held under the impactor heads can each be adjusted to achieve the appearance you desire. If you prefer, the Masonry Aging System can be used offline, powered V-wheels allow it to easily be moved out-of-line.


Powered Feed Conveyor

Powered feed conveyor with top clamp separates and meters single units onto the bar feed conveyor. Bar feed conveyor transfers a single unit into the clamp for processing.

Rotation & Transfer Station

A hydraulic clamp secures the unit, rotates it 90 degrees and holds it under the first impactor head which processes one face. When finished the clamp rotates an additional 90 degrees and releases the unit.

Impactor Heads

Each head has multiple steel impactors that oscillate against the unit creating a random, aged appearance.  Heads are powered by electric motors with variable speed control.


Panels and doors are lined with 2" (50 mm) thick acoustical foam and perforated steel to reduce noise.  Large doors swing open 180 degrees providing easy access for maintenance.  Easy access for manual clean-up beneath the machine. Provision for 12" (290 mm) diameter dust collection duct.


Allen-Bradley Processor with PanelViewTM 550 display/operator interface for easy set-up and machine diagnostics.

Optional Enhancements

Custom Impactor Design

Impactors can be manufactured with different designs/shapes on the tip of the heads.  Changing impactor heads from the standard round tip to an impactor head with a different shaped tip will alter the look of the product being aged.  Additional custom appearances can be achieved by intermixing impactor heads with different tip designs.

Dust Collection Unit