The Besser Tri-Cast is a versatile, three-station dry cast pipe machine capable of producing three different pipe sizes or shapes in a single production run.  


  • Pipe
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Precast

The Besser Tri-Cast is a versatile, three-station dry cast pipe machine capable of producing three different pipe sizes or shapes in a single production run. The machine manufactures round, arch and elliptical pipe, box culverts, utility vaults and manhole products such as risers, eccentric and concentric cones and catch basins. Tri-Cast machines are available to produce pipe 12” through 72” (300 mm—1800 mm) in diameter in a maximum of 8’ (2.5 m) or 12’ (3.5 m) lengths.

The Tri-Cast offers great versatility because one machine can turn out most of a typical plant’s varied production requirements. Small runs of several pipe sizes can be made during a day, thereby reducing investment in pallets and headers. Three different pipe diameters (or other concrete shapes) can be run consecutively on one machine. The three- station capability additionally allows product feeding, header pressing and stripping to be performed simultaneously. 

The simple, rugged design of the Tri-Cast machine makes it easy to install, operate and maintain. One operator can fill and finish three different products, saving labor and increasing productivity. The machine layout permits the operator to stand and perform all production functions at floor level, regardless of what product lengths are being made. Another person handles the entire offbearing and form stripping process. Since the Tri-Cast is situated in a basic, shallow pit, installation is simplified, and the low profile machine design means it can be housed in a new or existing structure. 


Holding Hopper and Conveyor

The material holding hopper and conveyor are mounted on a free-standing support frame with a heavy-duty, hydraulically powered belt feeder to move concrete to the machine in a steady flow. A hopper access ladder and platform allow easy access to the holding hopper to facilitate maintenance and cleanout. The conveyor has an adjustable front gate for varying the material feed rate. A rotating chute, mounted to the end of the conveyor, evenly distributes material into the form at the feed station. 


Concrete is densely compacted by means of a semi-automatic air-operated presshead which rotates and applies steady, uniform force to the header during the vibration cycle. 


Each Tri-Cast is equipped with external electric vibration on the forms. The machine includes a pre-wired panel with disconnect circuit breaker, motor starters with overload relays, vibrator connection cords with plugs and selector switches for all electric form vibrators.

Turntable and Work Platform

The lower turntable is situated in the machine pit and incorporates unique, easy to operate self-centering devices built into the table for rapid changeover of attachments. A work platform, supported from the lower turntable, is located at plant floor level for easy access to the tops of forms and observation of the feed process. 

Optional Enhancements

Stripping Beam

The stripping beam is used for stripping the form and pipe from the core at the machine and transporting them to the curing area. 

Jib Hoist

The jib hoist is used to pick up and place headers in the form at the press station. 

Hopper Liner

A rugged polyurethane lining is sprayed on all internal surfaces of the holding hopper to facilitate material flow and cleanout. 

Additional Vibration Station

An additional vibration station is available for producing products larger than 72” (1800 mm) in diameter. 

Additional Electric Vibrators

Additional electric vibrators may be required, depending on the size of product to be produced.

Hydraulic Core Vibration

The Besser hydraulic vibration system incorporates core- mounted wedge-lock vibrators. Vibration frequency and impact can be easily adjusted to suit any product requirement.