The industry legend. This three-at-a-time proven workhorse consistently produces the quality concrete products which the industry has come to expect. Superior cost efficiency at speeds up to eight cycles per minute.


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

The Vibrapac® is a three-at-a-time concrete products machine that produces up to 1620 units (eight inch or 200 mm equivalents) per hour. The Vibrapac consistently produces dense, strong products such as architectural, standard and landscape units with exceptional cost efficiency at speeds up to nine cycles per minute. This concrete products machine is rugged, dependable and easy to maintain.


Cam Driven

The Vibrapac is cam driven to provide consistent speeds and movements. The precise indexing of the cams achieves uniform product quality even in variable operating conditions. 

Automatic Lubrication

Precisely measured amounts of lubricant are automatically supplied to key bearings and pins. This routine maintenance function insures optimum performance of the Vibrapac. 

Allen-Bradley Control Panel

Many of the operating functions of the Vibrapac can be easily adjusted by accessing the SLC505 through the color graphics display unit. This control panel automatically pinpoints problems and displays information for making corrections fast, and improves quality control.

Automatic Feed Control

Automatic feed control adjusts the feedbox for uniform filling of molds. Routine maintenance is simplified with a standard C-face motor and separate gear box allowing independent replacement of either part.


The resolver provides cam position information to the controller. This allows adjustments to be made to the machine set points while the concrete products machine is operating. Adjustments are made through the color graphics display unit. 

Bescodyne Hydraulic Clutch/Brake

A Bescodyne oil shear clutch/brake system is used on the main drive to provide quick and smooth starts and stops. The system is designed to handle the energy of rapid acceleration and deceleration, which allows for increased productivity.

This clutch/brake also reduces stress on motors and other components in the machine, which extends the life of the components and reduces maintenance.

Optional Enhancements

AFC SmartPac® Vibration

By employing independent amplitude and frequency control, vibration is tunable to specific molds and product requirements. The ability to control both amplitude and frequency results in more rapid compaction and quicker finish times than can be obtained with conventional vibrating systems. Vibration can be engaged or disengaged multiple times within a single machine cycle. 

Posapac® Dual Vibration

Dual vibration utilizes both a Bescodyne clutch/brake and AFC SmartPac vibration which allows the concrete products machine to use Posapac weights for short production orders. This is beneficial if several existing molds are owned with weights attached. AFC SmartPac can then be used for longer production orders or for manufacturing specialized products. 

Air Compaction

The use of air compaction reduces finish time, which improves overall cycle time. Air cylinders supplement the force on the mold exerted by the weight of the machine head. The addition of compressed air restrains the stripper head, bringing the height pins together sooner, compacting the unit faster and more effectively. 

Frequency Drive

The frequency drive controls the main drive speed so specific segments of the machine cycle can be slowed down or sped up. This feature slows down the stripping speed without sacrificing overall cycle speed. The variable speed frequency drive is remotely controlled from the color graphics display unit. 

Vibrator Motor Air Bag Lift

The vibrator motor air bag lift is an easy and quick way to raise the vibrator motors for mold changes. A lever operated pneumatic valve is moved to the up position allowing air to flow into the air bags. When the bags inflate both vibrator motors rise. This allows the operator to remove the belts and begin the mold change procedure. A safety lockout device is included for safety during maintenance. 

Mold Insertion Device

The time needed to change molds is shortened and simplified with the mold insertion device. This pneumatic powered mechanism lifts/lowers the entire mold assembly off/onto the mold throat. The mold assembly is manually rolled into/out of the mold throat area. 

Pallet Scraper

Material build-up on pallets is automatically removed during each machine cycle. The tension forcing the scraper blade down on the pallet is fully adjustable to meet specific cleaning needs. 

Core Puller

A core puller is installed in front of the mold on the concrete products machine, above the front delivery conveyor (green block conveyor). It can be wheel-mounted or leg-mounted.

Brake System

Bescostop oil shear brake system is used on the vibrators to provide quick and smooth starts and stops. 

Pin Guidance

Manually inserted pins align the mold with the mold throat which extends mold life.