The VIBRO-MAC® is a machine unmatched in its ability to manufacture vibrated dry cast products. 


  • Pipe
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Precast

The VIBRO-MAC® is a machine virtually unmatched in ability to manufacture vibrated dry cast products. VIBRO-MAC offers producers a versatile, high production system to make such products and shapes as elliptical, arch, round, pre-bed, jacking and PVC protective-lined pipe, box culverts and manhole products. Steel end ring, tongue and groove, profile gasket, confined O-Ring, bevel and big bell R-4 pipe can also be produced on one or more of the machine’s stations. 


Holding Hopper

Material is fed into a round holding hopper designed to reduce sticking.  The round-shaped hopper enables multiple batching options regardless of conveyor position. The hopper is equipped with a hydraulically driven agitator to eliminate bridging and improve material flow. A clean-out gate is included on the rear of the hopper.

Conveyor Assembly

Concrete travels to the distribution head on a reversible contoured troughing conveyor belt designed to efficiently transport more material with less loss. 

Material Distribution Chute

The stainless steel material distribution chute, which rotates in either direction, ensures a free flow of material directly into the form set. Spillage is reduced, as is cleaning and maintenance time. The tracking roller on the end of the chute follows any contour or shape of product for exact placement of concrete. 

Cap Positioner Assemblies

Patented cap positioner assemblies hydraulically press the top header ring into the concrete for maximum compaction of the spigot, eliminating the need for a special presshead assembly in each size. Assemblies are mounted on the form for core strip, or in the core for form strip. 

Centering and Isolation Mechanisms

VIBRO-MAC forms are suspended off of the floor by centering and isolation mechanisms. Vibration is isolated and all the energy is retained in the form set. Forms are self centering in the isolators, and each isolator has a quick-change feature. 

Core Lift Cylinders

Hydraulic core strip lift cylinders on each station assist the bridge crane when removing the core and pipe from the form by helping overcome the friction bond between the product and the form. This reduces bridge crane requirements. 

Retractable Feet

Pneumatically-actuated retractable feet on the core lock underneath the pallet to carry the pallet and reinforcing cage to the machine. The feet also support the finished pipe and joint ring set as they are transported to the curing area. 

Jib Cranes

One floor-mounted pedestal-type jib crane is supplied per station for placing headers into forms. 

Vibration System

Energy-efficient rotary electric vibrators incorporate roller bearings that offer exceptional peformance and extended lube intervals for low maintenance and long life. Adjustable eccentric weights allow force adjustment for precise vibrational control. 

Optional Enhancements

Computerized Tracking System

Computerized tracking system provides automatic distribution chute positioning for various round, non-round pipe and box culvert profiles. The system includes actuators and controls for controlling chute rotation and pitch to track and feed a predetermined profile.  A computerized flat shuttle style conveyor can also be supplied.

Additional Electric Vibrators

Additional electric vibrators may be required, depending on the size of product to be produced. Consult your Besser sales representative. 

Station Support Stand

Special support stands can be added to allow different- length products to be produced alternately on the manufacturing stations. 

Additional Station

Additional station option includes all necessary components to set up and operate an additional VIBRO-MAC manufacturing station.