Wet Cast Manhole Form

Wet Cast Manhole form sets are available in virtually any size or shape to meet any specification.


  • Precast
  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe

From engineering through manufacturing, staff at Besser work with you to ensure new formwork fits with your existing equipment for complete compatibility and optimum performance. 

All Besser wet cast forms, whether custom, standard or light duty, are backed by knowledge of your local forming requirements and records of your plant’s past purchases, aimed at helping you make a properly performing product to satisfy the end user.


Form Sets

Form sets are available in virtually any size or shape to meet any specification, utilizing one-piece overhead strip, two-piece or rollback jackets. The equipment is built with the features you need to supply superior manholes to your market area. 


Jackets (or outer forms) are supplied for the production of concentric and eccentric manholes, risers and bases. Besser wet cast jackets are fabricated from heavy steel plates with channel rib reinforcing and sturdy lift eyes. The standard jacket consists of two pieces, each with mated edges for a smooth, tight joint. The rugged jackets are equipped with easy-to-operate, adjustable locks designed to simplify the use of the jacket as well as ensure production of the highest quality concrete products. 

Single-piece jackets are also offered and used primarily for ease of overhead stripping. The single-piece jacket utilizes a combination jacket expander and lock to hold it open during the stripping process. The mechanism then closes the jacket before the next pour.

Grade Ring Battery Form Sets

Grade ring battery form sets are designed to produce multiple grade ring sections from a single pour. Form sets are available with a two-piece or three-piece outer jacket to produce grade rings ranging in height from 2” (50 mm) up to the length of the jacket. Flat pallets and keylock pallets are used with the forms. 


Cores (or inner forms) are available for pouring concentric and eccentric manholes, risers and bases. One-piece Besser cores are engineered for easy, long-lasting operation, and are fabricated from heavy steel plate with a single opening. The core seam has beveled, mated edges for a smooth, tight joint. Cores feature the industry-proven internally mounted core collapsing device which locks and unlocks the core. A half turn of the locking bar collapses the core for easy stripping from the cured concrete product. The core collapser is easy to use and will provide years of dependable service. Solid tapered cores are also offered. 

Optional Enhancements

Riser Shoveling Plates

Riser form shoveling plates permit rapid placement of concrete during the pour. The plate allows material to flow directly into the walls of the manhole form set, eliminating waste when filling the form. 

Base or Extended Base Shoveling Plates

Base form or extended base form shoveling plates are integral parts of the wet cast monolithic base or extended base form set. The plates, heavily reinforced for years of service, seal off the core as they form the bottom of the product. 

Flat Top Forms

A flat top form is often used in place of a concentric or eccentric form set to make a product Street for the top of the manhole assembly. Besser can provide flat top forms for any thickness or diameter required for a specific application.

Pallets and Headers

A complete range of pallet and header sizes and joint designs can be provided to match any specification. Diameters available range from 12” through 144” (300 mm – 3600 mm) in Class 30, Class 40 or ductile iron. Joint designs include O-ring, single offset, mortar or steel end ring.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Besser can supply jacket and core accessories such as lift plugs, step pins, block outs, header pins, wall retainer pins, vibrator mounts, access ladders and work platforms upon request.