Besser continues to invest in the development of innovative products. The state-of-the-art Family of Servopacs (Servopac, Servopac LT, and Servopac XL), and automated pipe handling are all examples of our investment in creating new and innovative machinery for the concrete products industry.


The Servopac is available as a three, four, five or six at-a-time model. Each with innovative features designed to provide dependable, cost-effective production for years to come. Among these features is a servo vibration system. Utilizing proven technology, four servo motors work in two pairs to provide fully independent control of vibration frequency and amplitude resulting in dimensionally precise products. Quick mold and height changes are accomplished automatically.

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Advanced Servo Vibration

The new Besser Advanced Servo Vibration (patent pending) system provides the ability to update existing Besser cam block machines to take advantage of new Besser technologies related to machine vibration.  Besser Advanced Servo Vibration, or ASV, provides a simplified setup while enhancing mold life and operation flexibility.

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Automated Pipe Handling System

The Besser Automated Product Handling System completely automates the handling of concrete pipe and joint rings once the pipe are produced. This system improves production efficiency by eliminating manual labor. The system automatically places the pallet with a cage onto the Pipe Machine loading station. A Bi-Rail Offbear moves the pipe to the moving floor, which transports it to the curing chamber. Once cured, the pipe is picked up by a manipulator and moved to a depalletizing station. The Pallet is then cleaned, stacked and oiled while the pipe is placed on the staging area, where it is deburred, measured for roundness and vacuum or hydrostatic tested. The pipe travels to the marking station before being transported to the yard for storage. This Automated Product Handling System can be installed in new or existing production facilities. 

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Servopac LT

The Besser Servopac LT is a new large pallet (8AAT), mold vibration block machine that incorporates state-of-the-art hydraulic and electrical motion control.  The use of this technology leads to enhanced flexibility of the machine setup, operation and adjustments.  Mold and height changes can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Produces high quality, dimensionally precise, architectural, hardscape, and standard concrete products from 1 - 12˝ (25 - 300 mm) high at up to 7 cycles/minute for the 8 at-a-time model; cycle rates are
faster for 3 and 4 at-a-time models. Vibration is tailored to produce today’s ever-changing styles of units.

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Servopac XL

The Besser Servopac XL will be making it's debut later this year.  Stay tuned!

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