Our History

Besser Company is driven by our belief that concrete is the perfect building material. As an employee-owned and operated company – the only one of its kind in the concrete products industry – the strength of Besser Company lies in our passionate, talented and dedicated employees. Collectively they keep us on the leading edge of production equipment technology for the global building materials industry.

The Concrete Century

From humble beginnings Besser Company has emerged with a focused vision and a dedication unmatched in the industry. The success of Besser today is built upon the successes of our past. The vision for the future, the persistence for perfection and the innovation for our customers that Jesse Besser brought to the table years ago remain a vital part of the Besser culture today. You can read about the history of Besser Company in full detail in The Concrete Century.

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The first hand-tamp block machine

In 1904, as the cement manufacturing industry was in the early stages of development, Jesse Besser produced one of the first hand-tamp block machines in Alpena, Michigan. As a result, Besser Manufacturing Company was formed and immediately launched into a leadership role within the blockmaking machinery business. This site remains today the Besser world headquarters.


International growth

In 1937, the potential for international growth was recognized and a Besser K-12 model block machine was sold to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. We now have machines operating in over 120 countries!


Automation and productivity

The 1970’s and the decades following brought the emergence of technologies that automated and increased the production of concrete products, while improving quality. The addition of strategic core products, through the merging of resources with other companies, extended the company’s product line to encompass an increasing portion of the equipment and services crucial to the growing concrete products industry.


Baker Enterprise acquisition

In 1976, we acquired Baker Enterprise, founded in 1929. This location is now a remote department of Alpena manufacturing and operates a few miles from headquarters.


Proneq acquisition

In 1995, we acquired Proneq out of Montreal, Quebec, founded in 1979. Today the staff in Montreal translates rough ideas for new concrete unit designs into reality by producing molds for the concrete masonry and hardscape market segments.


IPMC and Boone Foundry acquisition

In 1998, we acquired International Pipe Machinery Corporation (IPMC) out of Boone, Iowa. IPMC, founded in 1909, provides a full line of equipment for the production and automatic handling of concrete pipe. Boone foundry was founded in 1900. Today, the company specializes in precast forms, as well as pallets and rings for the production of concrete pipe.


Kevin Curtis appointed president

In 1999, Kevin Curtis was appointed president of Besser Company. He led and continues to lead the company, driven by the belief that concrete is the perfect building material. Kevin became a catalyst for developing equipment and adding products that would benefit producers by delivering new capabilities, expanding product offerings, improving productivity and reducing cost.


CMC acquisition and WCCT partnership

In 2000, we acquired CMC out of Compton, California, founded in 1955. The company primarily designs and manufactures molds for concrete masonry and hardscape producers in the western US.

We also partnered with the World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT), a premier facility for education, both in the classroom and hands-on, and for research and testing. The state-of-the-art production facility offers the ultimate in hands-on training as staff assists clients in the development, evaluation, and testing of alternative cementitious materials, waste streams, and other products for use in the concrete industry.


100th Anniversary

In 2004, Besser Company celebrated its 100th year of success. Besser also became an ESOP, making us the only employee-owned and -operated company in the concrete products industry. As an employee-owned company, the strength of Besser Company lies in our passionate, talented, and dedicated employees. Collectively they keep us on the leading edge of production equipment technology for the global building materials industry.


Inspiring concrete innovation

Today, we’re proud of our legacy and look forward to satisfying the needs of today’s construction industry with aesthetically pleasing, durable, safe, environmentally sound, and exceptionally high quality manufactured concrete products using Besser production systems.

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