As fellow manufacturers, we know there's nothing quite like having a brand new machine in your facility. Shiny exteriorPristine conditionModern features. We also understand that often times budgets do not allow for such purchases. Thankfully, by choosing Besser, you can have the best of both worlds - new and cost effective! Through comprehensive inspection, maintenance, rebuild, and testing processes, we offer two excellent options for those looking to update their plant or replace equipment with minimal downtime and cost.

Certfied Pre-Owned Machines

We have certified pre-owned machines in stock and ready to be customized to your specifications. The immediate availability of this equipment makes the decision to replace your existing block machine or mixer easier. Your downtime is minimized since the certified pre-owned machine is a direct replacement of your current model. Equipment can be customized to your liking and block machines can also be upgraded with our widely popular Advanced Servo Vibration and Servo Main Drive.

Certified Rebuild Program

Besser also offers a Certified Rebuild Program that offers like-new machinery complete with warranty and a new serial number for much less than the cost of a comparable new machine.   The program starts with a complete machine inspection before a complete dis-assembly and rebuild takes place. The rebuilt machine is then inspected and thoroughly tested to ensure the same high level quality as you'd expect from a brand new Besser machine.   The rebuild could occur either in your facility or at one of our manufacturing facilities. Either way, experienced professionals will use their skills to bring your machine back to life - everything from new electrical controls and wire bundles to full clean-up and a fresh paint job.

Both of these options provide minimal downtime and customized specifications that will improve your product quality and production efficiency. Block machines will fit into your existing facility space and will use the existing machine pad and electrical service. Installation assistance, a 12-month warranty, and on-site staff training are all also included. Contact your Besser Sales Representative  or to find out more about which option is your best fit!