“Besser Company’s goal is to continually improve all facets of our customer service to producers around the globe. We’re firmly committed to providing the level of proactive support producers deserve. To achieve this goal, for producers in Australia and the Pacific Rim, we’re pleased to announce that Simplex Manufacturing Pty Ltd. has been selected to support Besser customers,” announced Kevin Curtis, President and CEO.

“Simplex and Besser share the same commitment to providing proactive and responsive customer support; I’m confident that producers will be very satisfied,” commented Duane Rondeau, Director of International Sales and Sales Application Engineering. Simplex has been servicing the marketplace for over thirty years and has the resources to provide effective, responsive customer care. Bill Marden, Owner, and Natasha Welsh, Sales and Process Engineer are the front-line support staff for the Besser product line. 

Producers throughout the region will benefit from more visits to their facilities. As the newest member of the Besser Service Network, Bill, Natasha and other Simplex staff will be able to seamlessly create quotes and enter orders for masonry, hardscape, pipe and precast equipment and for molds, machine upgrades and spare parts directly into Besser Company’s business system.  Located in Sydney New South Wales, producers can reach Simplex at +61 2 87228910, Bill’s mobile at, +61 409 546 303, wmarden@besser.com or Natasha at +61 414 859 636, nwelsh@besser.com.

Natasha     Bill


Mike Munro, International Sales Manager is enthused, “We’ll be working closely with Simplex to assure that the transition is smooth and that customers are satisfied.” Additionally, producers can contact Mike Munro, International Sales Manager, +44 785 268 3373, mmunro@besser.com or Duane Rondeau, +1.989.354.1072, drondeau@besser.com.


About Besser Company

Trusted since 1904, Besser Company is recognized as the leader for quality concrete products equipment and parts for the masonry, hardscape, pipe and precast markets of the industry.  Our products are designed, manufactured, and wholly supported by a team of talented employees whose passion for concrete is matched only by the customers we serve.  Producers in over 130 countries have selected Besser as their industry partner, confident in our legacy of engineering and manufacturing innovative, high-quality, durable production systems while providing continuous support and training for the concrete products industry. For more information: www.besser.com.

About Simplex Manufacturing Pty. Ltd.

Simplex Manufacturing Pty Ltd. is a family-owned Australian company founded in 1950 by Bill Marden, Sr. The company manufactured sporting firearms and reloading equipment. In 1982 Bill Marden Jr., a toolmaker and production engineer, expanded the company’s product line and began supplying reloading equipment to European and African markets. Around 1989 the company expanded their product line again, this time to include engineering and manufacturing for government, public works and defense along with private enterprises which included producing some molds and parts for Besser concrete products machines. During her 20-year tenure with Simplex Natasha has gained engineering experience ranging from defense equipment to Besser mold parts. She’s engineered over 100 specialty molds and countless mold and machine parts. She’s also been involved with the company’s purchasing, marketing and sales functions. Thirty years later Simplex expertly produces mold parts for Besser equipment for producers in Australia and the Pacific Rim. In addition to manufacturing Simplex now has transitioned to become the exclusive Besser Customer Service Team responsible for serving producers in Australia and the Pacific Rim. Simplex is located at 9-11 Nowill Street, Condell Park 2200 NSW, Australia.

Additional Information: Besser Company, Terri Grulke, Director of Corporate Advertising, +1.989.906.1448, tgrulke@besser.com