Why Besser

Trusted since 1904, Besser Company is recognized as the leader for quality concrete products equipment and parts for the masonry, hardscape, pipe and precast markets of the industry. Our products are designed, manufactured, and wholly supported by a team of talented employees whose passion for concrete is matched only by the customers we serve. 

Block Production

Rugged, durable, out-performing – these are just a few of the reasons to own a Besser block plant. Our equipment produces the highest quality of concrete products, our molds form the variety of products you can imagine that are built into the most spectacular buildings, walls and patios and walkways. 

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Paver Production

Besser paver machines are engineered to offer the spectrum of options to meet the unique requirements of every producer. This versatile machine exceeds the expectations when making pavers, retaining wall units or any other landscape elements.

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Pipe Production

Quality is the hallmark of Besser concrete pipe machinery. Our highly skilled staff follows stringent quality guidelines during the design, manufacture and assembly of machines, handling equipment, forms and joint rings. This attention to detail translates into the highest quality concrete pipe in the industry.

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Precast Production

Besser precast forms set the standard in the industry. We offer a full line of heavy-duty precast forms to meet your every need. Durable and rugged, our forms are designed and manufactured to produce quality product each and every time.

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Installation & Support

We understand the importance of keeping your equipment running and our parts and technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do just that. Our team travels the world to install your equipment, provide plant evaluations and support you and your equipment to produce quality products year round.

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Education & Training

Since 1954 Besser has provided training for the concrete products industry worldwide. Whether at our state-of-the-art training facility at the World Center for Concrete Technology or in our customers' plants, we partner with industry experts to provide students with hands-on and classroom training designed to meet your objectives.

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Besser assists with the development of new materials and products for use in the concrete industry. We offer confidential research and testing in conjunction with the World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT) for complete studies including manufacturing of products in our Besser block plant.  The WCCT has worked with several clients to help them find a use for their concrete products waste stream as the industry moves forward with sustainable development.

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Besser continues to invest in the development of innovative products. The state-of-the-art Servopac, Megapac, automated pipe handling and our new large pallet board machine (available later in 2014) are all examples of our investment in creating new and innovative machinery for the concrete products industry.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Besser operates manufacturing facilities in Alpena, Michigan, Sioux City and Boone, Iowa with warehouses & customer service in Compton, California and Mascousche, Canada.With our primary products in the concrete products industry, our facilities are geared up for fabrication, machining, assembly in addition to manufacturing of heavy-duty, quality equipment for companies that can benefit from these capabilities.

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