Besser is proud of our relationships with inventive thinkers. These entrepreneurs develop product ideas and share them with us; we then apply our industry knowledge along with our engineering and manufacturing expertise to refine and enhance their ideas. Once their value added products are complete, we assist with marketing so they can begin impacting the marketplace. By introducing them to you online, at trade shows, or in person, we’re providing you with the opportunity to add new, value added units and systems to your product line.

In 2011, Besser began working with Doug Buch, president of PaveDrain. Doug developed the PaveDrain System, a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block (P-ACB) that creates a performance pavement that integrates the patented arched reservoir to maximize onsite stormwater capacity during extreme storm events. PaveDrain and its aggregate bedding stone is engineered to create a natural, vertical infiltration path that recharges local groundwater all while using nature’s inherent ability to filter first flush pollutants. This allows for a reduction or elimination in stormwater infrastructure while minimizing the environmental impact. The PaveDrain system provides infiltration, storage, detention, conveyance, and a paving surface all in one product. The system can be installed in a number of ways: hand-placed, machine lay, or pre-assembled as mats in a variety of configurations - all completed very quickly with conventional construction equipment. Existing applications include parking lots, alleyways, intersections, driveways, emergency access lanes, city streets, shoulders of county highways, and low speed roadways.

Producers across the country operating Besser equipment are frequently contracted with PaveDrain, LLC to run PaveDrain on their Servopacs, Vibrapacs, and Ultrapacs. The revenue generated per cycle when producing PaveDrain is considerably greater than with conventional block. Revels Brick and Block in Houston, Texas is currently using their Servopac® to produce over 100,000 square feet of units for multiple development and redevelopment projects. The Besser Servopac easily produces these 5,000 psi units with a core puller. The machine’s capability to automatically make machine adjustments for optimum product quality is a plus for maximizing the efficiency of production and obtaining the highest product quality. Likewise, Besser cam machines are equally adept at producing dimensionally precise, aesthetically pleasing units cycle after cycle.

“Keeping production costs as low as possible benefits both PaveDrain and producers. Since mold durability, dimensional integrity, and product repeatability is critical, we’ve appointed Besser as our exclusive mold manufacturer regardless of the machine the units are made on,” explained Doug. Since PaveDrain isn’t a manufacturer, PaveDrain contracts production out to local producers. By the end of 2016 PaveDrain, LLC will have contracted with 30 different producers around the US. The producer’s block machine requires the ability to use a core puller to form the holes in the sides of the units for the cable to run through. PaveDrain provides the molds and, along with Besser staff, assists the producer with the initial set-up and operation of the machine to ensure the PaveDrain meet predetermined specifications.

Doug is excited about the growth of his product and the multitude of benefits it provides. To discuss the numerous benefits of PaveDrain, you can reach him at 888.575.5339 or via email, More information and photos can be found at