The new platinum standard for performance. Available in three and four at a time formats, this precise machine produces the largest variety of concrete products with the quickest mold and height changes for maximum flexibility.


  • Block
  • Paver
  • Pipe
  • Precast

Besser leads the way in innovation with the rugged, quality-built Servopac®. This unique and exciting concrete products machine sets a whole new standard for performance by significantly increasing production flexibility.


Mold Clamps

In less than 5 minutes, a mold and height change can be completed. The new design allows for the dramatic time reduction. The clamps provide positive alignment and stability of the mold for maximum productivity.

Control Station

The machine operator monitors all machine functions, makes production adjustments and references the machine diagnostics from the color graphics control station. Additionally the control station stores product recipes for production repeatability.

Vibration System

The vibration can be tailored to meet today’s challenging production requirements. Utilizing proven technology, four servo motors work in two pairs to provide fully independent control of vibration frequency and amplitude. Consistent vibration produces a precise, high-quality product time after time.

Feed Belt

Precisely metered material feeds directly into the feedbox for maximum control. The belt can be rolled in or out of the machine to easily access different parts of the machine.

Machine Frame

Simplified architecture. The rugged bolt-together construction is designed, manufactured and assembled to the highest standards. Its fully adjustable inner frame makes it easy to quickly change product from one height to another. Its open architecture, with all parts clearly visible, is simple to maintain and clean.

Round Slide Shafts

The four round slide shafts positively guide and stabilize the head to ensure the production of uniform height products.

Pallet Delivery System

Exceptionally smooth handling and pallet movement are made possible through the superior design of the walking beam, which is controlled by a servo motor. 

Mold Adapters

All existing Besser molds, as well as competitors’ molds, can be used by the Servopac. This economy is made possible with the use of adapters.


Variable speed and stroke movement and variable speed agitation reduce cycle time. A fully programmable cut-off bar can rise to any position during the cycle while traveling forward and backward for even distribution of material.

Optional Enhancements

Quick Mold Change Device

The addition of the QMCD provides automated storage and retrieval of molds. A shuttle removes a mold from the Servopac, places it onto a rack and then automatically places a new mold into the machine. Constructed of rugged structural steel tubing, and outfitted with proportional hydraulics, the motion of the QMCD is smooth, quiet and effortless.

Horizontal Core Pullers

The use of core pullers expands the variety of concrete products that can be produced on the Servopac. Many of the complex concrete unit designs popular today feature horizontal openings that are formed using a core puller. Some of these units are cored brick manufactured on edge, concrete units with fake mortar beds, retaining wall units with tongue and groove locking, and erosion control units.

Rear Core Puller

The core puller attaches to the Servopac underneath the feedbox apron plate. This eliminates the need to mount it in front of the machine every time you need to use it. When the mold is placed into the machine the forming cores are automatically attached to the puller. A hydraulic cylinder, with two guide rods, ensures accurate insertion and removal of the cores.

Side Core Puller

The Servopac’s design, which incorporates four slide shafts, keeps the sides of the machine open. This open design allows forming cores to enter the mold from both sides creating unlimited opportunities for new concrete product designs.

Parts Pod

A fully stocked Parts Pod is available to ensure maximum uptime by having critical wear parts when you need them.