Besser Connector

Your plant can finally run the way you've always wanted.  The Besser Connector 2.0 is easy to implement and integrates your entire process in real time.

  • Collects and monitors all plant process data in real time to gain visibility of critical performance on a moment-to-moment, shift-to-shift, and product-to-product basis.
  • Provides Real Time Variance Reports and Real Time Alerts for implementing fact-based actions to maintain and improve performance levels.
  • All required data fields are formatted for accurate and reliable communication to your current business system saving manual labor associated with these tasks.
  • Everyone on your team sees the same facts at the same time.
  • Isolates and tracks key metrics for specification compliance and quality control.
  • Manages inventory levels of finished goods and work in progress that supports customer service efforts.
  • Tracks shipments of finished goods at the local level; this is a capability that is normally not supported in ERP systems. 
  • Provides traceability of all data for each product and each work center to support continuous improvement and enhance customer service. 
  • Provides remote accessibility to the user interface. 
  • The platform for all data management is stored on a sequel server located within the business premises and within the firewall, all supporting the prevailing security mode. 
  • Compatible with Besser and other brands of equipment.