Registration is now open for 2017 Blockmakers Workshops®!

Check out the new Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology course being held from 18 - 22 September. This course was developed for producers asking us for more in-depth knowledge about the production of products such as segmental retaining walls, pavers, and advanced architectural products. It will also cover the use of core pullers and provide an in-depth look at material variegation/blending of colors to create a unique product appearance. All machine types, including Cam machines, Servopac®, and competitive equipment (plate vibration/large pallet equipment) will be covered. Pertinent ASTM specifications for specialty products, recycled materials, and their overall use in our industry will be discussed.

Recent participants in the Executive Session Blockmakers® Workshop, included John Schramm and Jimmie Hester from Keystone Hardscapes in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  John, a seasoned industry member, was enthused about how much new information he learned during the class held in September. "I learned a ton while in Alpena. Since then I've reached for my flash drive numerous times; it's a hugely useful reference tool."

All Blockmakers Workshops® are held at the World Center for Concrete Technology on the campus of Alpena Community College in Alpena, Michigan. Click here to register or visit for more information. 

Jimmie Hester (L) and John Schramm (R) were celebrating Keystone's 30th anniversary while exhibiting at Hardscapes North America in Louisville