Block Production

Kingdom Ministry of Saudi Arabia Welcomes Omni Block

Six shipping containers, loaded with pallets of Omni Block, will arrive in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia early April. The Omni Block units will be used to construct the country's first Omni Block house. The units were produced by Raul De Lille Basulto, owner of Predeco, Mérida, México. Predeco runs a V3-12 Vibrapac, under contract for Omni Block de México. Negotiations are currently underway with block plants in the Middle East so that Omni Block can be produced close to Riyadh. Omni Block founder, Denny Miller, will be in Riyadh overseeing construction of the 3200-square foot prototype home.… Continue reading

Besser Company Announces Expansion of Pipe and Precast Product Line

Besser Company is proud to kick off 2017 with an exciting acquisition announcement.  The Company has newly acquired all of American Manufacturing Group’s product lines, most notably, their line of premier adjustable box culvert form equipment. Besser President and CEO Kevin Curtis shared, “AMG Patented Adjustable Box Culvert Equipment will strengthen our already extensive product mix. We appreciated the trust that AMG Founder and industry icon, L. Paul Fergeson, has placed in Besser and are thrilled that he is joining the Besser Team to support the product line.”   “Consistently… Continue reading

2017 Blockmakers Workshop® Schedule Announced

Registration is now open for 2017 Blockmakers Workshops®! Check out the new Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology course being held from 18 - 22 September. This course was developed for producers asking us for more in-depth knowledge about the production of products such as segmental retaining walls, pavers, and advanced architectural products. It will also cover the use of core pullers and provide an in-depth look at material variegation/blending of colors to create a unique product appearance. All machine types, including Cam machines, Servopac®, and competitive equipment (plate… Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Customer Service Representative: Connor Gagnon

Meet Connor Gagnon, Besser Company's newest Customer Service Representative working at our headquarters in Alpena, Michigan.  Since his start in the Call Center in July, he has been busy promoting machine and mold parts, capital equipment, paid service, and training to customers and prospects for the entire Besser product line. He brings a strong customer service background, knowledge of bearings and power transmissions, and a thirst to learn to his new role. "From working at Northern Industrial in inside sales and as an assistant manager for MC Sports, I've discovered that I thrive… Continue reading

Servopac® Takes Production to New Level at Easton Block & Supply

“Mr. Servopac,” as they’ve affectionately named their 2015 four at-a-time model, has put smiles on everybody’s faces at Easton Block & Supply. “We’re totally impressed; Besser covered every base to produce the best machine on the market,” commented Roy Kester, General Manager. The Servopac has operated for nine months, run more than ¾ million cycles, and has yet to break a single mold part. When asked about mold wear, Gary Dunn, Plant Manager, answers tongue-in-cheek, “What mold wear?” The smoothness of vibration is one of the reasons molds last longer. The other reason is the… Continue reading

PaveDrain Continues to be Excellent Partner

Besser is proud of our relationships with inventive thinkers. These entrepreneurs develop product ideas and share them with us; we then apply our industry knowledge along with our engineering and manufacturing expertise to refine and enhance their ideas. Once their value added products are complete, we assist with marketing so they can begin impacting the marketplace. By introducing them to you online, at trade shows, or in person, we’re providing you with the opportunity to add new, value added units and systems to your product line. In 2011, Besser began working with Doug Buch,… Continue reading

"Oldie But Goodie" Brought Back to Life

The Besser Prestopac…A notable, yet nearly forgotten machine has recently made its way back onto our manufacturing floor.  The Prestopac, a one-at-a-time block machine, was first manufactured in 1947 for Besser customer, Neisser, located in Lima, Peru.  At the time, this machine (standing less than 5' tall) was used to produce quality concrete block for local housing requirements.  At the peak of its operation, this machine could only produce 300 block a day - a far cry from the Vibrapac®, released eight years earlier.  In the early 1960s, because the limited appeal and usefulness,… Continue reading

Argentina Block Association Members Find Product Innovation in Spain

While attending the annual Argentina Block Association conference last year, our regional sales manager, Oriol Armadás, discussed the possibility of having a group of Association members tour some progressive European concrete products producer facilities in Spain to see firsthand the exciting innovation occurring in our industry.  Mr. Claudio Defagot, President of the Association, mentioned to Oriol that the market in Argentina is down about 20%, which is prompting producers to look into new, value-added products to add to their product line. Mr. Ricardo Manzur, Director of Full… Continue reading

Certified Pre-Owned and Reconditioned Block Machines and Mixers

As fellow manufacturers, we know there's nothing quite like having a brand new machine in your facility. Shiny exterior. Pristine condition. Modern features. We also understand that often times budgets do not allow for such purchases. Thankfully, by choosing Besser, you can have the best of both worlds - new and cost effective! Through comprehensive inspection, maintenance, rebuild, and testing processes, we offer two excellent options for those looking to update their plant or replace equipment with minimal downtime and cost. Certfied Pre-Owned Machines We have certified pre-owned… Continue reading

Celebrating 44 Years of Blockmaking

Congratulations to George Spickelmier of ORCO Block and Hardscape on his 44 years of blockmaking! “George Spickelmier was a production manager for most of his 44 years with ORCO Block & Hardscape. During those years, if you were to put together all the block that was produced under his watch, you could build a 6’ high wall all the way to Miami and back again, again and again, equaling over 52,000 miles,” commented  Rick Muth, company President. At the time of his retirement, George was operating two Dynapacs at ORCO’s Stanton, California plant. The entire Besser Team joins in… Continue reading