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Alpena, Michigan Provides Excellent Backdrop for Customer Training

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a large group of customers in Alpena, Michigan for the WCCT's Blockmakers Executive Session. The Executive Session is a condensed version of the Concrete Masonry Technology and Vibrapac® Blockmakers Workshops® tailored to upper management. New products, programs and current issues are discussed in a round-table format with industry executives and professionals. (See for more details!) The class schedule included Leadership training, an intro to concrete technology, aggregate blending, absolute volume method, Besser equipment… Continue reading

Servopac® Takes Production to New Level at Easton Block & Supply

“Mr. Servopac,” as they’ve affectionately named their 2015 four at-a-time model, has put smiles on everybody’s faces at Easton Block & Supply. “We’re totally impressed; Besser covered every base to produce the best machine on the market,” commented Roy Kester, General Manager. The Servopac has operated for nine months, run more than ¾ million cycles, and has yet to break a single mold part. When asked about mold wear, Gary Dunn, Plant Manager, answers tongue-in-cheek, “What mold wear?” The smoothness of vibration is one of the reasons molds last longer. The other reason is the… Continue reading

PaveDrain Continues to be Excellent Partner

Besser is proud of our relationships with inventive thinkers. These entrepreneurs develop product ideas and share them with us; we then apply our industry knowledge along with our engineering and manufacturing expertise to refine and enhance their ideas. Once their value added products are complete, we assist with marketing so they can begin impacting the marketplace. By introducing them to you online, at trade shows, or in person, we’re providing you with the opportunity to add new, value added units and systems to your product line. In 2011, Besser began working with Doug Buch,… Continue reading

The 2016 Humanitarian Award

As an employee-owned company, beyond focusing on satisfying our customers, we embrace our ability to create positive change in the communities where we work, live, and play. We thrive on volunteering and contributing resources that, when combined with others, make an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities worldwide. We’d like to recognize Glenwood Mason Supply Company, Inc. and company president Constance Cincotta, for their dedication to The Interfaith Nutrition Network (The INN) of Long Island, New York. Connie recently established the “Marion & Joseph Cincotta… Continue reading

Celebrating 44 Years of Blockmaking

Congratulations to George Spickelmier of ORCO Block and Hardscape on his 44 years of blockmaking! “George Spickelmier was a production manager for most of his 44 years with ORCO Block & Hardscape. During those years, if you were to put together all the block that was produced under his watch, you could build a 6’ high wall all the way to Miami and back again, again and again, equaling over 52,000 miles,” commented  Rick Muth, company President. At the time of his retirement, George was operating two Dynapacs at ORCO’s Stanton, California plant. The entire Besser Team joins in… Continue reading

Besser BiDi® Easy Choice for Cemcast Pipe and Precast

“The Besser BiDi® is wonderful,” commented Carl Carlson, President of Cemcast Pipe and Precast and Carl V. Carlson Company of Hartford, South Dakota, as he watched it effortlessly produce an 18” diameter concrete pipe. “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished here so far. Once we did our homework, which included visiting over 20 plants looking at different machines, asking questions, gathering information and learning, selecting a Besser was easy. I’m convinced we made the right choice.” The favorable business climate in South Dakota is attracting a lot of attention, new residents,… Continue reading

Training for Oldcastle Staff in Indianapolis, Indiana

Training at Besser takes many forms. We conduct Blockmakers Workshops®, offer online courses and also bring our training direct to producers in their plants. Most recently, we were thrilled to participate in Oldcastle’s training program held on 12 November in Indianapolis, Indiana. The day began with more than a dozen students, representing six different Oldcastle facilities, touring Northfield Indy’s two fully-automated Besser equipped plants, which include the dual Dynapac and V3-12 concrete products machines and the Masa paver plant. Jeff Oliver, Plant Support Specialist for… Continue reading

Argentina Block Association Members Find Product Innovation at Glasser

In August members of the Argentina Block Association (AABH) toured Glasser’s Vibrapac equipped plant before attending The Concrete Show in Sao Paul, Brazil. Claudio Defagot, President of the Argentina Block Association (AABH) and a loyal Besser customer who operates three Vibrapac plants and an Ultrapac plant in Argentina, wanted fellow producers to tour a production facility. He contacted Oriol Armadàs, our Regional Manager for South America, who arranged the tour so producers could have the opportunity to watch a state-of- the-art plant produce innovative concrete units. The… Continue reading

A Look at a Besser Superpac® Concrete Products Facility

Video Transcription Besser equipment is designed with features geared to improve production efficiency and profitability. This Besser Superpac system at Allied Concrete Products in Richmond, Virginia, is fully automatic. Each durable piece of equipment provide smooth operation and is built to handle the largest possible load. The Besser batch plant and material handling equipment is the perfect complement to the Superpac and product handling equipment, providing trouble-free operation day in and day out. A material bin system is positioned to easily fill each band with a different… Continue reading

Foley Products:Company Philosophy Drives Growth

“Our philosophy is exactly the same as it was when we were founded in 1981: ‘To supply the best quality products, at reasonable prices, with the best service in our industry,’" relates Foley Products Operations Manager Dennis Morrissey. He continued, “1981 was also the year that our relationship with Besser (then Quinn Machine and Foundry) began with the purchase of 48”, 60” and 72” base forms and a 48” cone form. Like our relationship with Besser, these forms are still going strong.” Foley has grown steadily over the last 33 years and now has six locations in three states. Each… Continue reading