Now Available: Our NEW Besser Parts and Accessories Catalog!

It’s Here! The newly updated and expanded Besser Parts and Accessories Catalog is now available online. In it you’ll find the parts you use on an ongoing basis along with many new parts that are designed to improve the operation of your equipment, have longer service lives, and are simpler to install. At your request we’ve added more cuber, splitter, conveyor, and batching parts along with commonly used Servopac parts. This catalog can be viewed here. The employee-owners of Besser Company value your business and are committed to providing you with responsive service and timely… Continue reading

bioMason: Growing Cement

Around the world an estimated 1.23 trillion bricks are manufactured every year. This results in approximately 800 million tons of carbon emissions due to the fossil fuel required in the firing process. bioMASON's process eliminates the need for the firing process used in traditional brick and concrete manufacturing. It also allows for product customization, elimination of manufacturing waste, and utilization of input materials from either renewable sources or industrial waste streams. bioMASON, Inc. has developed a unique, natural process to manufacture biological, cement-based… Continue reading

10% Off Planned Maintenance for Curing Systems

Keeping you up and running and minimizing downtime is our goal. Planned Maintenance helps protect you from the expense and stress of failures. On-site Planned Maintenance service is performed where and when you need it. Now through 31 August 2014 receive 10% off a Planned Maintenance Program for your Vapor Generators including Besser and competitive systems. Benefits include: Convenience  - Service can be performed where and when the customer wants it, including at the customer’s work site, in the evenings or on weekends. Increased Uptime - Service can be performed at night or on… Continue reading

Troubleshooting Bell Problems

One of the greatest concerns of a packerhead pipe producer is bell quality. Most of the problems encountered can be avoided by following proper bell-making techniques. The following list of problems and possible causes, while not complete, should give you a good starting point towards solving your bell area concerns. Overpack in Bell (showing cage lift) Overpack in Bell (showing cage lift) Check these first when bell issues develop: Make sure that the bell down unit is lifting the curing pallet to the proper height. Check that the top of the longbottom is 1/4″ (6 mm) above… Continue reading

Investing in Education

Industry professionals gathered to attend the Executive Session at the World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT) in August. Students had the opportunity to learn more about the processes of running a block plant, how to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve processes. The next course is Concrete Masonry Technology, 16-20 September 2013. Students will quickly see their return on investment after learning what it takes to produce concrete masonry units and how to improve efficiencies in all aspects of blockmaking. The course will also cover mix designs, batching, material… Continue reading